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Restoration and Refinishing Services

Before you discard those valued traditions of many years, consider having them repaired and refinished. Our craftsmen can restore broken, dented, bent and tarnished sacramental vessels to their original beauty. Quality methods and workmanship will make your chalices, patens, cups, pyx and other communion pieces just like new. When restoring these pieces, we utilize an environmentally safe process, using No nickel or lead.  These images represent actual before and after repairs and restorations.

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This tabernacle's lock was destroyed while being vandalized.  The damage was repaired, a new lock installed and the entire tabernacle was refinished to a condition as good or better than brand new.

These items had been stored in a sacristy closet for years. The liner for the vase was lost more than a decade ago. We repaired the damage, refinished the items and replaced the liner.