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Lighting & Light Stands

Electric & Electronic Votive Light Stands are accepted by a large number of pastors and churches. Electric stands are economical because they can be used 100% of the time, eliminating wax costs & clean up, and enable you to obtain the lowest possible insurance rates because "flicker flame" simulates a soft warm glow of candle light eliminating open flames.

Custom made Lighting Stands of most kinds are available for Special Order in almost any metallic finish.  Call us for personal assistance.


Lighting of candles in remembrance is traditional in all religions. This candle service can be lit throughout visitation & memorial service giving family & friends an opportunity to acknowledge his/her life & share the lasting memorial.
                     Wrought Iron Series                                                    Tubular Base w/ Cross Insert

           Roman Insert                                                              Gothic Insert for Corners

Chi Rio Insert for Corners                                                              Tubular Base Stands

                   Tubular Series                                                               Wrought Iron

"In Remembrance" Service of Life